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AA Shooting School

Clay Pigeon Shooting School one to one lessons with qualified instructor

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Shooting Lessons

One to one Lessons with a qualified shooting instructor at a private shooting ground.
Tower available to practice Driven clays. Shooting classes for individuals or groups Fun Days. AA Shooting School also offering Gift Vouchers


I offer Shooting Tuition, Lessons for all abilities, complete beginners or shots wishing to improve or brush up there Technique for a new season and of course those just wanting to try the exciting sport of clay Pigeon shooting. Shooting classes will be tailored to your needs with the emphasis on good sound basic Technique on which to build.are you not shooting as well as you would like give me a call or email and have a chat about shooting always happy to talk shooting email or Tel Norman 07914 918395


New shooters will have their eye dominance determined, then be taught to manage and handle a gun safely, and taught sound technique to enable efficient use of natural hand eye coordination, essential for good shooting. and on to a progression of different clay target presentations, And the techniques necessary to handle all types of clay pigeon / game shooting and of course have a great deal of fun while Learning. Not sure if its for you? will it hurt? start with an introductory lesson great Valueemail tel Norman 07914 918395  for a chat


Safety – All sensible thinking people realise that a gun needs to be handled with care safe gun handling is paramount and routines should be learned and adhered to at all times. I don’t believe in lecturing about safety more guiding and showing the correct way to handle a gun, mostly common sense but if correct procedures are learnt and stuck to at all times you and those around you will be safe. (Shooting has a very good safety record)

Hand Eye – Check for eye dominance which eye determines where we point. Learn to use of hand eye coordination, we all have this ability in built (can you pick up a cup of tea without spilling it then your hand eye is great) but must be given the confidence  to use it and not try to use shotgun like a rifle a very different tool

Gun Mount – Learn to handle gun, to mount it (put into shoulder) efficiently and consistently.

Techniques – Learn the techniques for different target presentations i.e. Crossing Right to left, crossing left to right, Driven, loopers and Rabbits
We need different approaches to different targets swing through, pull away and maintain lead. How to determine Where to hold your gun where to look for target where to set your feet all the things that make the shot more achievable. How to move your feet between shots (important for game shooters). Dealing with pairs .on report (second target released when gun is fired at first target) simultaneous (both targets released together) following or rafael (both targets released from same trap one after the other)
Discuss different shooting disciplines sporting clays, skeet, trap and Game shooting and the extra safety considerations for game shooting.

Courses – To build a good understanding of shooting a course of lessons will yield better results than one lesson now and then.

On The Peg – I can also accompany you on the peg for your first days if you wish.